Welcome to Myth and Messiah – 1 Timothy 1:3-4

“Triumph of Christian religion” by Laureti, Vatican Museum

This site was created to aid individuals in evaluating the claim that the primary ancient Jesus documents were constructed as imaginative amalgams of non-Jewish cultural religio-mythic ideas. My doctoral research over the years has been dedicated to exploring and assessing the claim of authorial mimicry or incorporation of pagan parallel ideas into the Jesus narratives by the tradents of said story.

This site will further serve the purpose of exploring queries related to general apologetics. This is intended to be a cumulative effort at virtual discipleship of the mind (Rom. 12:2, Matt. 22:37) or as the ancients used to say, itinerarium mentis ad deum (journey of the mind toward God).


  • Mulvihill’s class was arguably the most productive, influential, and honest class I have ever, and will ever take in high school. Joseph R.
  • The curriculum is also vital to a Christian school in this social and intellectual climate. With an emphasis on tact and love, Mr. Mulvihill equips his students to handle even the most complex secular arguments and talking points. Andrew T.