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Christian philosopher and apologist Joe Mulvihill is Director of Myth and Messiah, an academic resource designed to inform and equip reasonable individuals concerning the circumstances surrounding the life and claims of Jesus of Nazareth. He formerly taught at a private Christian school in the Atlanta area while completing his doctoral research in New Testament Studies at Northwest University, SA. His research specifically investigates the death and resurrection motif of Jesus of Nazareth. His thesis argues for the validity of the uniqueness of the claims of Christianity vis-à-vis its pagan parallels.

Joe is a husband of one and father of four. He is a voracious reader and cinephile. He is a true humanist, enthusiastically engaging with the ancients and moderns while continuously providing an intelligible atmosphere for discourse. His full narrative is available here.



William Lane Craig (Ph.D., University of Birmingham, & Ph.D., University of Munich)

“I asked Joe to assist me based on an number of factors including but not limited to; his professional vocation as a teacher of theology, logic and history at a local Christian academy, his thorough familiarity with my published work and thought, and his wide grasp of apologetical and theological issues and figures. I also had the pleasure of attending a few of Joe’s teaching sessions and was duly impressed with his evident preparation, clear articulation of the issues, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with an audience of mature Christians given to critical inquiry. I have been more than pleased with Joe’s performance to date and wholeheartedly trust him with my class. People in the class have been consistently satisfied with Joe’s theological and apologetical acumen and have requested repeatedly for him to teach on various occasions.”

terry cross (2)

Terry Cross, Dean, School of Religion, Lee University (Ph.D., Princeton)

“Joseph possesses a keen mind. He is quick to assess a reading and even quicker to note flaws in argumentation. He has read extensively in philosophy of religion, contemporary theology, biblical studies and patristic literature. Using his background, he is able to make connections between writers and ideas he has previously to those he is reading presently. His analysis and evaluation of other students work was also well informed and constructive in its critique. Over my years of teaching graduate seminars, I cannot think of a more engaging student than Joe Mulvihill…Joe possess a character and personality that is winsome…he has a personality that readily connects with people…I consider Joe to be one of our great successes…Joe is one of the top two or three students that have graduated from our M.A. program in Theology.”


Skip Jenkins, Chair, School of Theology (Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at Marquette University)

“Joe Mulvihill is a true, ardent academician with a resilient method of engagement, replete with impeccable logic and a winsome approach. I’ve known Joe as a colleague and personal friend for several decades. He is a brother and one would be honored to have his personal and astute company while threshing the floor of the grueling trenches of insipid error, for error has no rights. The Kingdom of Christ has only one Joe Mulvihill decrying the vacuous phantoms of non-believers. Joe champions the tenor of the pillars of Christendom. Like Augustine, Joe commits himself wholeheartedly to a Christ centered apologetic: Noverim me noverim te.”


David Tilley, Headmaster, Mount Paran Christian School (Ed.D., University of Tennessee)

“Find one of the most articulate and brightest guys you know with a graduate degree in theology who has a tremendous amount of passion for his calling, and you have Joe Mulvihill. Add to that a guy who doesn’t have formal training in pedagogical methodology and ask him to teach Bible to high school students. Is it a fit? I wasn’t quite sure the answer to that question when I hired Joe to teach Bible at Mount Paran Christian School. It only took about two weeks after visiting his classroom and listening to students that I realized that Joe’s passion and intellectual acumen were serving his students well. He was the talk of the high school. Joe was connecting with his students in a way that could never have been taught him. He challenged them at their uninformed core and motivated them to find the reason for their calling and the true defense of the gospel they loved but did not understand. The students can not intellectually nor spiritually fall asleep in his class – his style and energy will not permit it. A truly gifted teacher . . . a high school/college teacher . . . a teacher of God’s truth was born in room 3106 at Mount Paran Christian School.”