I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoyed your class this year. I loved how it was so different than any other bible class I’ve taken at Mount Paran. The challenge and the rigor were some of my favorite aspects of the course, as it pushed me to worship God with my mind and strived to give me ample reasons for choosing Christianity. In a Christian school it’s easy to choose Christianity, but in the real world it’s harder and your class has given each student reasons why to be a Christian when it’s hard. I wish more of our bible classes were like that… your class has equipped us with tools to defend our faith. After we compared all of the different world views in your class, the answer is obvious. I would not know as much as I do now about why Christianity and why not any other world belief if it weren’t for the challenges of your class and I am so incredibly thankful for that. You have equipped me with a strong foundation to not only believe in Christianity, but to defend it as I move myself into the world where many Christian adults can’t do what you have taught us to do, and for that I am forever grateful. – Cassidy R.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing at Mt. Paran, teaching our children the importance of understanding and embracing their faith in Jesus Christ.  Regina absolutely loved your class and it really stretched her understanding of Christianity and Orthodoxy.  Thanks to you, I feel very comfortable with her launch into a secular college.  I believe she is ready to handle the challenges she will face there and is even excited about it! I wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing!  It is amazing!

I just wanted to email you and thank you for everything you have taught us this year. I really want to grow up and be a missionary or do something in the mission field. I know that everything you have taught me this year will really help me. My youth leader at my church, Katie Hill, said that your class is one of the only classes that actually helped her in real life situations & she still uses her notes from your class to this day. – Savannah B.

Hi Mr. Mulvihill- This is the first chance I have gotten to email you today, so I apologize.  I cannot express to you how much I have learned and benefitted from participating in your class this year. Not only have I been able to hold conversations with nonbelievers in a variety of situations after your instruction, but I have also been able to learn how to think critically and reason logically. Some of my peers outside of Mount Paran have had questions regarding the Problem of Evil, my thoughts on Darwin’s Experiments, or even about mutations within species. No class alone has ever prepared me to answer these questions and for the real world as much as your class has. – Sarah Kathryn B.

I just wanted to let you know that out of any class I have ever taken in my life, yours has been by far the best… Mount Paran states it is a college prep school, and I feel that your Bible class has been the best to prep me for college so far. Each student at Mount Paran will one day be thrown into the real world and face challenges of their own. I will be glad to say that your class and my hard work has prepared me for the challenges ahead. – Hannah Z.

I feel that through this class I have learned more about religion than I will learn at any institutional level. The atheistic bias in universities is something we are going to have to try very hard to combat and I feel your class prepared me for that…Lastly, your class prepared me to break the stereotype of Christians. Because I have logic and facts, I can no longer be classified as a “naïve and ignorant Christian.” My faith is now backed by facts and not simply a feeling in my heart. – Waverly G.

The apologetics course taught at MPCS by Mr. Mulvihill, was arguably the most productive, influential, and honest class I have ever, and will ever take in high school. His class taught me not only broad, inescapably obvious evidence of the support for Christianity, but also how and why one should think critically. I would go as far to say that this class has pushed me to be intrigued and desire knowledge, wisdom and perspective at least twice as much, if not more, than before. Mr. Mulvihill never denied a student access to his wisdom… His amazing example of the thorough pursuit of truth is contagious. Seeing Mr. Mulvihill never satisfied with “knowing enough” stirs one to do the same. I cannot stress enough how Mr. Mulvihill has indirectly influenced me to read 500% more than I used to. How did I get 500%? Well, I never used to read and now I read 5 books at a time. I would go as far to say that his class helped me push through and conquer my dyslexia because of the amount of material I now read. Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Mr. Mulvihill taught me this without even sharing the quote…Not only did his class consist of facts, knowledge and logic but it was also entertaining. His honesty kept the class out of the “dry lecturer” genre and made it desirable to attend. – Joseph R.

Joe Mulvihill’s Apologetics based Bible Classes have been the most useful thus far in my college career both because of the practical content, and the style and difficulty.  His class has prepared me most for classes in college.  His lecture style and recall expectations are almost identical to several of my classes.  The curriculum is also vital to a Christian school in this social and intellectual climate.  With an emphasis on tact and love, Mr. Mulvihill equips his students to handle even the most complex secular arguments and talking points. I would strongly recommend his class to any student, and even many adults.  I am indebted to him for the knowledge and wisdom I gained during his classes.

-Andrew T.

This email is to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the valuable information you taught me in my sophomore and junior year. Now that I am in college and the “real world” as you might call it, I find myself referring back to things I learned in your class almost daily. You taught me not only apologetics but how to really think and reason as well. If I’d have known at the time how valuable the information you were giving us was, I would have paid twice as much attention and studied twice as hard.


-Sarah T.

I just wanted to email you to let you know that I have learned so much from you and Mr. Krans! In my world civilizations and sociology class we are learning about Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. and I already know everything my teacher has been talking about for the past few weeks! I wanted to say thank you so much. I honestly thought I would never really use any of that information again, and that I wouldn’t remember half of what I learned, but everything came back to me! I hope everything is going well for you at MPCS!

~Brooke A.

I thank God I was able to get to know you and want you to know you are in my prayers. Your one of the most, if not the most dangerous soldier of the Lord I know, and even though i don’t see you as often as I would like, i am inspired and challenged just to think about the kind of person you are.

-Mr. James H.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your teaching from high school…with recent events going on in our world I’ve really come to appreciate the knowledge I gained from being in your class.  You taught us to think critically and to be able to give an answer for the hope that is within us.  I still have all my notes from your class and look back on them for reference!  Just wanted to let you know that you made a difference for me that continues on even now and I’m grateful to you.  Hope you’re doing well! – Kimberly B.

Hopefully you remember me, this is Caroline Chance. I was just thinking about you yesterday because I was helping my boyfriend write a paper about evil existing in the world, and I remembered you teaching me in 10th grade about how evil is only a twisted form of good, and cannot exist in and of itself. I just wanted to send you an email and say that now that I am in college, your class is STILL the best, most useful, and most applicable class I’ve ever taken. The only thing is I wish I still had all my class notes!

You’re probably wondering what the point of this e-mail is…well its to thank you. I expected for God to use me once I got out of high school, but I didn’t have to wait that long! Your class has helped me to understand the lost and the broken in a way I never could have before. It has helped me to become a better witness to others. I could not have done any of this without your guidance or determination. So, thank you Mr. Mulvihill for all you have done to help prepare us, and me personally. I appreciate what you have done to help me fulfill my dreams.

We just wanted again to express our appreciation to you for your talk at the student chapel on March 4th.  It was powerful, inspirational, instructional and challenging.  Rebecca and her friends at lunch after chapel were completely blown away at how it stirred them up and encouraged them to walk closer to God.  A couple of the girls even said they were moved to tears during the challenge.  We have always said Bible should be the best class at a Christian school but in our experience until now we haven’t found that.   Rebecca says regularly that she looks forward to her bible class and would never want to miss it because she learns so much and loves it.  She has even said she wants to check into being your assistant next year so she can sit under your teaching again.  Thanks for a job well done!  We appreciate all you do!

We have been at Mt. Paran for 5 years and he has never come home talking about something he discussed in Bible class, but just yesterday he started talking to my husband and I about what he was learning in your class. We were thrilled to see this excitement of learning in him. Thank you for engaging Michael and making him think. He is going to have to work hard in your class but I feel he will leave your class with knowledge and skills he will use throughout his life.

Thank you so much for your email.  She will continue to study hard and work
on bringing her grade back up.  But, I also wanted to share
with you that you have become one of her favorite teachers of all time!!
She shares Biblical truth from your class every day when she comes home from
your class, it is so exciting!!!  She is so thankful to have your class before she goes to college!  This is truth that is life changing and will truly help her get through college!!!

I just wanted to thank you. Connor has come home and spoke more about your class this year than any other class here at Mount Paran…and he has been here since kindergarten. To be frank, it is exciting to see him want to study for a class and to look forward to attending a class. It is also exciting to see him text or call me just to tell me how he did on a test or quiz in your class. He is starting to see how his hard work can pay off and can see some success. I appreciate all that you do for our students. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

I hope your students realize how useful your class will be to them in the upcoming years. Between you and Krans, I dare say I am breezing through my religion minor.

The first time I heard about you was at a baseball game and two mom’s were talking about their son’s different classes. Jake was just a sophomore at the time and these boy’s were juniors taking your class. These mom’s spoke so highly of you and what a superior teacher you were. They were sharing with me they hoped you wouldn’t leave so Jake would have a chance to be taught by you. It’s great to be able to send our kids to a wonderful school but it’s even better when we have a Godly man like yourself influencing and guiding them along the way!! And lastly just yesterday I was visiting with 2 mom’s from school about their college boys who graduated from Mount Paran. They are having to defend their beliefs and these mom’s were expressing how thankful they were that their boys had your class!! I appreciate you standing strong and giving these kids truth to stand on! Thanks for helping them not only know what to think but how to think.

We are writing this to extend a heart felt “thanks” for the amazing job you do each and every day to deepen the walks of our students at Mount Paran.  You have made a tremendous impact on the life of Keith, Jr. over the past two years and I know from countless other parents what you have done in so many lives of our kids on college campuses across the country to give them the tools to defend their faith.  It is remarkable to see people working in a capacity where they have truly answered a “calling” and are passionate about their work…it is evident you are doing just that and God is blessing that!  You have deposited deep truth into your students to challenge their minds, solidify their walk and defend their faith and we are so grateful. We pray God’s richest blessings over you and your family!

“The teacher with the most impact on me was Joe Mulvihill because he taught me to defend my faith.”

Dallas has told me several times that you are the best teacher he’s EVER had. He’s actually discussed many things you’ve taught him, and really enjoys your class. As Dallas has not reached the point where he likes school, at alI, I view this as a tremendous accomplishment on your part, with Dallas being the beneficiary. Thank you!!!!

“Mr. Mulvihill is the reason I am now a Christian.”